Our clients’ wishes always come first. That also applies to the bulb shower. An AgrinServ bulb shower is available in various designs. If desired, we will implement the client’s specific wishes in the standard design.

A bulb shower (automated or manual) has various purposes. The machine can be used for: disinfection, boiling, peeling preparation, float sinking and washing the crates. Depending on the client’s wishes, this can be done with one, two or even four crates at once.

The use of an automated bulb shower has a lot of advantages:

  • Fully automated, freeing up your hands for other tasks
  • Minimal pollution on the outside of the crates
  • The amount of agent can be reduced to a minimum
  • Can also be used to disinfect empty crates
  • The result is equal to the dipping principle
  • There is a long drain time after showering

Thanks to experience, AgrinServ can make an interesting proposal based on an existing design. That design can be combined with designs from already realised special machines. This way, the design always meets your specific wishes.

Curious about the experience of one of our clients? Read more here!

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