The TumbleJet crate washer is AgrinServ’s mobile and multifunctional crate washer and has been providing loyal services for many years now.

This crate washer can be used almost anywhere, because it is easy to transport behind a tractor or on a flatbed.

It offers great ease of use. Within minutes, the Tumblejet is ready to use: extend the legs, connect the water supply and power supply, and you’re done.

Washing the crates is quick, well thought out and easy. The forklift truck driver is in complete control of the washing process. While the inside of the crate is being washed by means of powerful water jets, the driver can change the already washed crate for a dirty one. Then the driver presses the start button again, after which the process repeats itself.

Not only the inside of the crates is cleaned. During rotation, the outside of the crate is also cleaned thanks to flat spray nozzles. When the crate is upside down, the pallet also gets a wash.

One crate may be dirtier than the other. Differences are caused by seasons and crops. The TumbleJet crate washer is flexible and the washing time is easy to set. If a crate is very dirty, the washing time can be increased. If a crate is mainly dusty, the washing time can be decreased. This flexibility helps you achieve optimal results.

Not all crates are the same size. AgrinServ took this into account when designing the TumbleJet. The machine is equipped with an inner rack, which can be disassembled. This can be done within just 20 minutes, allowing the user to quickly start washing smaller crates, which are used for flower bulbs, for example.

This crate washer excels in both simplicity and reliability. That’s exactly what farmers rely on. Hydraulic cylinders operate the taps and there are only three sensors throughout the machine. High-quality components and a fully galvanised metal structure ensure a durable investment and long-term result.

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