Immersion tank at KoelVries BV in Nagele

‘We use the immersion tank all throughout the year’

In the barn of KoelVries BV, there is an immersion tank designed by AgrinServ. KoelVries dips approximately 12,000 trays with chicory taproots per year.

The specific requirement was that the immersion tank should be hydraulically driven, says Pieter de Boer from KoelVries BV. ‘And it does, it turned out to be a very good and solid tank’, he smiles. ‘We fully determined what the immersion tank would be like. AgrinServ than got to work on the design. It is truly custom made.’

Robin van der Veeken from AgrinServ explains: ‘An immersion tank like this must be purely functional. We don’t make it to look beautiful. The client knows which requirements an immersion tank has to meet. We know how to design and build it. We adopt a service-oriented attitude during this process. The client can come up with all the ideas, and then we look at what is technically feasible. It’s a great process in which you come together. By the way, this process can continue after the immersion tank has been running for some time; after use, the client can still have certain wishes.’

Another requirement for KoelVries BV was that the immersion tank should be made entirely of stainless steel, should have ample volume and should have a sloping bottom, so that the mud can be rinsed out easily after immersion. In addition, there is an extra gutter underneath, where the cleaner can spray the water. As a result, the tank can be cleaned after operation in no time.

Chicory taproots in condition
KoelVries BV uses the immersion tank purely to keep the chicory taproots in good condition. Pieter de Boer explains: ‘The crates are dipped once or twice per year. This keeps the taproots in good condition. If a taproot dries out, it becomes useless. When you cool, you also dry. That is why it is important to keep the taproots moist.’

Just a humidification system in the cold store was not sufficient for this company in Creil. ‘So if we move the chicory around, we make sure to dip the crates as well. We use the immersion tank all throughout the year. In total, we dip approximately 12,000 crates annually.’

KoelVries’ previous dipping tray managed to last a very long time, says De Boer. But then it was time to look for a new one. After hearing positive stories, we ended up at AgrinServ and sat down at the table. We ended up with this design after good consultation.’

No malfunctions
It was important to KoelVries to have the machine working properly year round. ‘We have yet to experience a malfunction. If it does happen, we simply call AgrinServ and it will be resolved’, says Pieter de Boer. He continues: ‘Say, Robin. Can you shorten the timer after opening the valve, so that we can work a bit more efficiently?’

‘Not a problem!’

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